Sigurna i efikasna uporaba dimnovodnih instalacija - brosura

We decided to issue the third edition of the brochure because we wanted to add some parts and modify the existing ones which are out of date and are no longer applied in practice due to the new legislative framework. New regulations have been adopted in the field of chimney sweeping, new technologies and appliances that use gas as an energy source have been introduced and at the same time new chimney installations are being offered on the market. The brochure is designed to give basic instructions to the users of gas appliances and chimney installations, but given the complexity of the matter, it is very informative and can be of great use to design engineers, gas installers and chimney sweeps.


  • Introduction
  • How standard chimneys with natural chimney effect work and how long is their lifespan
  • Selection, installation and first commissioning of chimneys in new buildings
  • Combustion Air Supply
  • Brick chimneys are not suitable for natural gas
  • Connecting a gas appliance to an existing chimney or installing a facade device for flue gas emissions
  • External causes of chimney malfunction
  • User obligations
  • Basic instructions for gas users
  • Important warnings