The Croatian Gas Association is an independent and apolitical organization that acts in accordance with the Associations Act. The Association is comprised of its members: ranging from scientists, experts and entrepreneurs active in the gas business, to other interested individuals who through their work contribute to the reputation of the Association, its affirmation and affirmation of the profession in general. Membership in the Association is voluntary.

The Association accepts the membership of legal entities as well: scientific and educational institutions, institutes, vocational societies and companies (all forms of ownership), that are involved in any of the business activities in the area of gas production and/or other fuel gases (gaseous fuels), gas upgrading and processing, transport and storage, distribution, supply and application, including activities involving the design, undertaking installations, manufacturing of equipment, maintenance, engineering, consulting, marketing, commercial trading and all other types of companies that have an interest in the promotion and development of the gas and energy business.

Legal entities become members of the Association in the form of members sponsors or supporters. The legal entities participate in the work of the Association through its authorized representative.

Foreign companies (foreign legal entities) that do business or plan to do so in the Republic of Croatia, can also become members of the Association.

Any legal capable citizen of the Republic of Croatia can be a regular member, someone who submits the membership application, upholds the Statute and other acts of the Association, fulfills the assumed obligations and pays the membership fee on time. Membership fee is decided by the Managing Board on the basis of the financial budget for the particular period and work program.

Members of the Association are either regular or honorary members. Honorary members are legal or natural persons, whom the Association grants the respective status on account of exceptional results in promoting and achieving the Association’s ideas, goals and tasks or merit for the Association or the profession. The appointment of honorary members is decided upon by the General Assembly. Honorary members are not required to pay a membership fee.

Regular members of the Association have the following rights and obligations:

  • to work for promoting and preserving the reputation of the association,
  • participate in the Association’s activities,
  • fulfill assumed obligations,
  • adhere to the Statute and other acts of the Association,
  • select or be selected to the governing bodies of the Association,
  • besides meeting certain professional conditions, representing the Association at national and international professional organizations,
  • timely payment of the membership fee

Membership in the Association ceases upon:

  • withdrawal at one’s personal wish,
  • exclusion due to non-adherence of the Statute, rules and agreements (disciplinary measures),

The decision on termination of membership, based on disciplinary measures, is made by the Managing Board upon recommendation form the Court of Honor. An appeal against the decision of the Managing Board is to be lodged at the Association’s General Assembly within 30 days of receiving the decision. The decision on expulsion from the Association on account of failing to pay the membership fee is made by the Managing Board. There is no right to an appeal against the decision.

Application of membership of individuals

Memberships costs 100 kuna (13.27 €) for the year.
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