Conferences and exhibitions

One of the fundamental goals of the Croatian Gas Association (CGA) is to raise the level of awareness and education, exchange experience and information important for the gas business, hence the Association in that regard is involved in the organization of expert gatherings on gas and energy topics. As a member of the International Gas Union, HSUP publishes the latest discoveries and achievements from the global gas industry to members of the Association and the expert public.


Each year in mid-October in Zagreb, a session of the Croatian Gas Association is held solemnly marking GAS DAY, i.e. the start of the heating season. The gathering gathers about 250 participants, mainly members of the Croatian Gas Association, other participants of the Association and representatives from numerous media. The working part of the session is followed by talks from experts on the readiness of the gas system for the coming heating season. In the solemn part, recognition is awarded to experts for their scientific and professional contribution to the gas profession.


The Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and the Croatian Gas Association each year in the beginning of May in Opatija organize the International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals – one of the largest international conferences and exhibitions in the region of Central and Southeast Europe. The traditional international gathering each year at the Congress Center of the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija gathers about 600 gas and energy experts, of which 60 or so are renowned lecturers and with more than 45 exhibitors from more than 20 countries from Europe and the world. The conference addresses numerous topics important for the gas business and energy industry, and which comprehensively treats the entire natural gas chain and key issues that will determine the development of the natural gas market in the near future.

Participation at the scientific and expert conference, specifically the “International Scientific and Expert Gathering of Gas Experts” ensures that conferences participants can receive about 20 lecture hours of professional training on topics relating to gas, energy, fundamental technical regulations as well as thermal and technical systems and facilities.

You can find out more about the International Meeting on the conference and exhibition website.