Jubilee 30th INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC & EXPERT MEETING OF GAS PROFFESIONALS was held from 6th to 8th of May, 2015 in the Congress Center of the Grand Hotela Adriatic, Opatija, Croatia

The jubilee International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals and the gas equipment exhibition were held sucessfully in the Congress Centre of the Grand Hotel Adriatic, Opatija, Croatia from 6th to 8th of May 2015. The largest annual gas event in South-East Europe, organized by the Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association, celebrated its thirtieth anniversary and gathered more than 500 participants from 20 European countries.Those were mostly gas and energy experts, managers from leading European energy companies, scientists from renowned European universities, gas transmission representatives, suppliers, producers and distributors of gas as well as representatives of large gas consumers and producers and traders of gas equipment and solutions from Croatia and abroad. Totally 208 various gas and energy companies and organizations were present, of whom 85 from abroad and fifteen journalists from 10 media companies.