07 August 2018

The gas industry in Croatia

The Croatian Gas Association (CGA) has issued its latest edition of the brochure “The Gas Industry in the Republic of Croatia in 2018”. The brochure comes out at the end of June every year and contains useful information on the energy industry… Content of...

12 October 2017

Safe use of gas – instruction for gas users

Why is the safe use of gas important? Dangers-accidents-consequences • Causes of accidents Physical characteristics of gas Natural gas • Mixed gas (propane-butane-air) Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) Installation of gas devices and… ...

12 October 2017

Efficient use of gas – instructions for gas users

The brochure shows the ways of using as well as instructions for existing users – gas consumers for the rational and efficient use of gas, along with financial viability indicators for particular types of gas devices – based on types of use widely available in households in Croatia for: cooking on gas preparation of...